Hi! I’m Kristen. 

I’m a freedom catalyst, transformational life coach, and yoga + mindfulness instructor who’s passionate about teaching people who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and misaligned to reclaim their power, identify their purpose and direction, and create a soul-centered life that lights them up from the inside out.

My unique coaching method incorporates somatic practices such as yoga, breathwork and bodywork, creative expression, and energy healing to connect clients with their truth by going into the deeper wisdom of their body.

I am the founder of Wild Soul Journey, a movement and community that supports freedom-seekers in catalyzing their own Hero’s Journey and stepping BOLDLY into their soul’s TRUTH – to breaking free from the illusions and paradigms we’ve been raised in – and embarking into an entirely NEW creative and free way of thinking, being, and thriving in the world.

Yoga has been a cornerstone of my own personal transformation. For years, I felt stuck in limiting beliefs and a serious lack of self love, which perpetuated a total mess of unhealthy patterns, abusive relationships, and total disconnect from my soul and my truth. Feeling lost and completely alone in Bali after a massive breakup, I threw myself into yoga – meeting myself on the mat for hours per day, facing the fear and truth that I had been avoiding for so long. I wish I could say that that was the happy ending I had been seeking… but little did I know, that was just another stage of the Hero’s Journey. This process is a deep, soulful, and reality-shattering one, and for the next few years I would continue to break through to deeper layers, uncovering more truths and areas to heal, transcending what I had previously believed, and entering an entirely new way of being – peaceful, self-loving, committed, and clear. 

Now, it is my passion to share these learnings through Wild Soul Yoga, a movement modality that guides people through the fiery process of emotional and spiritual transformation. Moving through the limitations of our current reality and into a free and open way of being is NOT easy!! But it’s time we commit to doing the work that’s needed for real, and lasting transformation. Wild Soul Yoga fluidly combines the grace and strength of Vin-Yin yoga with the fire of high-intensity functional movement, and the transformational power of self-reflection and personal empowerment – helping clients burn through their mental limitations and transmute emotional blocks into the fire needed to transform into their optimal lives.

Through my 1-1 coaching, yoga classes, and adventurous yoga and service-based retreats, I guide people on transformative soul journeys that truly change their life from the inside out. It is my passion to connect adventure travel with yoga, heart-led service in local cultures, and personal exploration and transformation.

You can find me teaching local classes and workshops, hosting international retreats, and sharing my teachings through my 1-1 and group coaching programs, writings, podcast, and YouTube channel.