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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is quite simply the practice of intentionally regulating our breath with awareness. There are many different techniques and exercises to practice our breathing, but overall these practices help to regulate the nervous system, build emotional awareness and resilience, and help us more deeply access our present somatic states within. My breathwork sessions typically combine a variety of pranayama practices leading up to a deeper, somatic breath experience that facilitates a surrender into the body, and transformational mind/body/emotional release.

What are the Benefits of Breathwork?

The benefits of breathwork are manyfold, including:

  • Decreases sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system
  •  Activates parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system
  • Immediate stress reduction and calming
  • Decreases inflammation in body
  • Alkalizes your blood
  • Increased resilience (emotional and physical) 
  • Improves and strengthens immune system
  • Heightened sense of mindfulness, peace, and joy! 

Download the Free Breathwork Journey

I’m excited for you to take this Breathwork Journey with yourself! 

Make yourself comfortable somewhere you can sit or lie down in privacy. 

You may notice some tingling sensations in your hands and feet, a bit of lightheadedness, or a combination of these – it’s perfectly normal. Always honor your body’s needs – if you need to take a break, it’s totally fine! You can come back to the practice when you’re ready. 

I recommend downloading the music playlist that you can have along with the audio! 

Happy Journeying <3

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