I work with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and freedom-seekers who deeply desire to step up into a BIGGER and BOLDER life and business. 

Creating a freedom lifestyle where you’re paid to live your passions.

Cultivating inner balance, stillness and empowerment.

Mastering your mind, coming into your body, activating your soul.

But here’s the thing… we can’t just change things on the OUTSIDE.

LASTING results require massive shifts in a few key areas: 

While customized to meet YOUR needs, all of my coaching programs will contain these elements:


The root of our reality lives in our mindset – the beliefs, patterns, and conditioning we pick up through our lives create the reality we experience today. Mindset work includes:

  • Inner journeying to the root of the subconscious
  • Identifying and clearing limiting beliefs + saboteur
  • Daily restructuring rituals, meditations, + journaling exercises


If we are disconnected from our body, we’re disconnected from the source of our power. My work is holistic and energetically-focused, connecting you with your revitalized and nourished physical temple. Embodiment work includes:

  • Breathwork and mindfulness
  • Yoga and movement practices customized for your body
  • Energy healing and clearing to remove blockages


Experiencing real change means implementing a real action plan based on a clear vision. You’ll have a blueprint to actualize your personal potential and customized strategy for YOUR version of success. Strategy work includes:

  • Mapping out your core values, skills, and mission statement
  • Action plan to reach your goals
  • My toolkit of resources for building a freedom business and lifestyle

My Approach

Hi! I’m so excited to connect with you and see how we may partner together in your journey of transformation. 

My approach combines a unique array of tools, models, and philosophies that I have gained and studied over 10 years of traveling and working in personal development. 

I weave together my background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with training in holistic health coaching, yoga, energy healing and mindfulness-based therapy. 

What this means is that you receive a vast toolkit of my resources, and a custom-designed program to MEET you where you’re at – and help you RISE into where you deeply desire to go – in your career, relationships, health, and life purpose.

My coaching work is intuitive, empathetic, and a dynamic blend of psychology and spirituality that empowers my clients to build a deeper, loving relationship with themselves, and to take action on the path to fulfilling their true potential.  

Here’s how it work: 

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Let’s do it!

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