Raw Onion Curry and Red Pepper Basil Bread

Raw Onion Curry and Red Pepper Basil Bread

So I’m here living at the Epic Self headquarters, learning how to make all this amazing raw vegan food… super salads… even ice cream out of bananas! But you know what my little carb-loving heart was really missing… bread. That’s right – no shame – it must come from all my time in Italy, because despite my newfound knowledge about the havok it wreaks on digestion, few things feed my heart and soul like a hot baguette perfectly crispy on the outside, and soft and melting-in-your-mouth on the inside…bread2

So guess how ecstatic I was when I learned you can make bread raw and vegan?! This means that a fantastic sandwich can be an epic part of a super healthy, detoxing lifestyle, or a sustainable raw vegan lifestyle! I know that I’ll never cut out real bread entirely, but this month has me learning how energized and radiant I feel from eating only whole, plant-based foods. And these sandwiches were truly extraordinary paired with this mega-easy, chewy and totally healthy bread!

We paired the onion curry bread with a carrot-cabbage slaw with tahini, and the red pepper basil bread with tomatoes and guacamole! The sky is the limit!


Raw Onion Curry and Red Pepper Basil Bread

3 cups flaxseed, blended to powder

3 cups psyllium husk

1 cup (or more) water

3 red bell peppers, chopped finely

3 onions, chopped finely

2 tbsp curry powder

handful fresh basil leaves, chopped finely

Mix together the powdered flaxseed and psyllium husk in a large bowl with enough water to turn the mixture into a moist dough. You will want to add the water little by little until you reach the desired consistency.

Split the dough in half. Mix half the dough with the red peppers and basil, and the other half with the onions and curry powder.

Spread each dough mixture on your dehydrator tray, until it reaches about ¼-½ inch thickness. It should look like a big square pizza crust! Place in the dehydrator and allow to dehydrate for about 24 hours.
Go forth and create epic sandwiches using your imagination and all the organic produce you have on hand! 🙂

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