We are here on this Earth to thrive in our natural essence – I believe in our innate ability to heal.

You are here to live FULLY expressed. Radiating with creative energy, fully-charged up with purpose, fully alive in your body and doing the work you’re meant to do in the world. Bold, unblocked, and deliciously WHOLE in your being.

The problem is…. we’ve been conditioned in a society meant to tame us out of our most vibrant, wild nature.
Placed in a box with rules for “success” that
you always knew you’d need to break to find your fulfillment.
Disconnected from your true power…
the massive wisdom and fire that lives within you. 
Because when you’re truly tapped in – your body, mind, and heart flow together with ease.

And the path to your purpose and joy becomes so much clearer.

Within the body, we find the answers we are seeking…

Within the body, we connect back to the wild call of our True Essence.

Tell Me Your Truth…

It doesn’t interest me how many figures you’re making. I want to know what unspoken dreams make your heart beat faster in the dark hours, the longings of your heart that send shivers down your spine. Tell me about the passion that makes you lose track of time, and the difference you long to leave

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Life is a Spiral – So Don’t Get Caught in This Trap

I want to share about a trap that many of us “personal growth junkies” can easily get caught in. Mainly because I noticed myself getting all wrapped up in it just the other day  It’s this idea that… “We haven’t done “ENOUGH” WORK…. haven’t done it “RIGHT”…. or still have “SO MUCH” more work to

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Our Reality (and Identity) is Created from the Inside Out

I’ve been thinking alot lately about how Every. Little. Thing we experience in our world outside is coming RIGHT from the source. Inside of us. Truly – I mean, think about it. When you wake up and have a gorgeous morning of yoga, meditation, and a healthy breakfast… leave the house feeling nourished with a

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Spider Medicine and the Energy of Space

Let me tell you a true story from today. I’m here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala spending a few days in a personal spiritual retreat of sorts. Nice, right? A few days off from work, biz, and the general energy of lots of noisy things out there needing me to be doing lots of things Expectation:

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How to Strategize Your Life

What is your relationship with consciously designing your life? Are you strategizing to make life your masterpiece? Or are you randomly treading your way through, taking stabs in any and every direction and feeling mindlessly BUSY all the time? Uh-uh. Focus your energy like a f*cking warrior – by taking responsibility for YOUR personal life

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Chill Out… We’re All Figuring Out This Life Thing Together

One of my favorite things is taking yoga classes in a different language… There’s a distinct kind of embodiment that happens when I flow intuitively with the energy of the room, hearing the “words beneath the words”…. (such a great practice for LIFE!) Something really funny happened the other night though… In a class of

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