I work with people looking to break free from their self-perceived limits, achieve mental, emotional and spiritual balance and clarity, and light their relationships, business, and life on fire with purpose, passion, and impact. 

What Are You Here to Create?

Coaching is a tool to help you sustainably access higher states of being, awareness, and fulfillment in your life. In our work together, we will map out the path for you to create your soul-aligned life, business, and relationships while helping you become radically expressed, clear, and confident in the life you’re creating. 

My work is somatic, strategic, and intuitive – which means we’ll work at ALL levels (mind, body, and soul) to unearth what’s blocking you so you can create from a space of clear purpose and high energy. 

This also means you’ll be armed with a huge toolkit of mindset, strategic, energetic, and embodiment practices to root in your shifts and continue rising long after our coaching work is complete. 

Each coaching program is highly customized to your needs, and 
will always be rooted in these three foundational pieces:

Mindset + Beliefs

The root of our reality lives in our mindset and subconscious – the beliefs, patterns, and conditioning we pick up through our lives create the reality we experience today.  We will unearth the foundations of your current state, clear and reprogram, and create new structures to support the new reality you’re creating.

Mindset + Belief work includes:

  • Journeying to the root of your subconscious to identify, clear, and reprogram past beliefs
  • Daily rituals, journaling practices, and tools for mindset shift at a quantum level 
  • Creative practices to awaken your intuition and separate from your “mind voice” 
  • Integrating all parts of your psyche to align with the new reality you’re stepping into

Energy + Embodiment

Embodiment work connects us to our greatest power source – living fully IN our body. You’ll learn to own your worth, be fully seen and heard, and become fully turned on to the wild source of fire and passion burning within. My work is holistic and energetically-focused, aimed to help you make lasting shifts at a quantum level.

Energy + Embodiment work includes:

  • Emotional release, breathwork, and shamanic tools to rewild your entire being on all levels
  • Customized yoga, mindfulness  and movement practices 
  • Theta healing and energy clearings to release blockages and solidify shifts
  • Dynamic meditation and quantum-level tools to access higher states of consciousness and long-lasting change

Vision + Strategy

Experiencing real change means implementing a real action plan based on a clear vision. We’ll map out your aligned goals, custom business plan, identify your clear purpose and the best strategies to help you weave it all together. You’ll have a blueprint to actualize your personal potential and customized strategy for YOUR version of success. 

Vision + Strategy work includes:

  • Mapping out your values, skills, aligned goals and personal mission statement
  • Identifying your clear path to purpose, crafting your unique business/freedom plan
  • Sustainable strategies to keep you on track, with accountability systems built in
  • Full toolkit of resources for building a freedom business and lifestyle

Private Coaching

My Private Coaching Program is a 4-month container to help you fully step into and integrate the sizeable changes we’ll be creating in your life and business. Coaching is a journey and a relationship we build together, focusing on helping you to step fully into your purpose, power, and potential. 

4-Month Coaching Journey Includes:

  • Three 60-min coaching sessions per month, with one week off for integration (these sessions will blend mindset work, holistic healing, embodiment, business strategy, energy clearing, creative activation, and any other tools pertinent to your journey.)
  • Full access to me on WhatsApp in between sessions for text and voice note support
  • Weekly action plan + practices to support your path
  • One private 60-min healing session (in addition to your coaching sessions.) I design this healing session personally and intuitively for you based on your specific needs – it may incorporate elements of Theta healing, breathwork, EFT, shamanic journeying, and accessing your Akashic guides.) 
  • Access to True Self, my signature course packed with tools, resources, meditations and practices to support your journey to your purpose, power, and potential.

Investment for the 4-Month Program:

I am currently offering my coaching program at an income-based sliding scale rate. My goal is to make this work available to those who need it, so if you’d like to work together but are concerned about the investment, please email me at kyates8@gmail.com and we can create a package that works for you.

$1800 (4 month journey)

or $450/month for 4 months

Individual Sessions

I also offer individual coaching sessions (90 min) if you have a particular issue you’d like to work through, seek guidance in creating purpose and direction in your life, or want support in mapping out a clear and defined strategy for your business. 

Individual sessions are an hour and a half long, and will be designed specifically for what you need. I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire beforehand to prepare for our session so we can dive right in. 

You will receive email support from me for one week following our session, and the opportunity to credit your payment towards a coaching program if you decide you’d like to partner up for continued support. 


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