Yoga, Energy, and Embodiment

As a certified Yoga Instructor and Energy Practitioner, I help my clients step into empowerment and freedom through connecting deeply with and balancing their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

My yogic path began in 2014 in Bali, where I dove headfirst into the practice – seeking answers during one of the most difficult times of my life. Breath after breath… flowing movement and soul-shattering awareness…. within a few month, my mat had become a refuge, my body a temple, and my mind and heart clear and bright – awakened to a new beginning. 

I have since trained as a Hatha yoga instructor in Rishikesh, India, as well as furthering my studies in Thailand, Bali, and Colorado over the years. My teaching style taps into the five elements and seven chakra energy centers, bringing students through a vitalizing Vinyasa flow combined with heart-opening Yin energy, breathwork, and mindful awareness.  

        I am available to teach both private and group classes. Contact me for details. 


Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health depends heavily on how balanced and aligned we are in our energy centers: our seven chakras and surrounding complex energy systems. 

As a Reiki II practitioner, I work with these systems to channel universal healing energy into the areas of your physical body which need it most. This process will begin with a conversation to discuss any particular areas you’re looking for healing, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.  During your energy healing session, I will tune into each of your chakras to gain insight about what’s happening at a subtle level, remove blockages, and regain the natural flow of life force throughout your body. Results of a session include a profound state of relaxation, balanced energy, increased feelings of clarity, peace, security, well-being, vitality, and intuitive awareness, and reconnection of the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. 

            Energy healing sessions are available both in person and remotely. Contact me for details

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